Activities: 1998

November 12, 1998 [Abstract] [Bio]

Secretary Elliott Abrams, President, Ethics and Public Policy Center

Topic:  The Collapse of U.S. Foreign Policy

September 17, 1998 [Abstract] [Bio]

Ambassador Henry Cooper Jr., Board Chairman, High Frontier

Topic:  The Politics of Ending America's Vulnerability to Missile Attack 

July 30, 1998  [Abstract] [Bio]

Mr. Thomas Buckley, Director for Public Affairs for Africa, U.S. Department of State

Topics:  The Foreign Affairs Budget

Mr. Louis Segesvary, Senior Advisor, Office of Resources, Plans and Policy, U.S. Department of State

Topics:  A New Phase in U.S. African Relations  

May 28, 1998  [Abstract] [Bio]

Dr. Kurt Campbell
, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific, The Pentagon

Topic:  America's Security Strategy in the Asia-Pacific  

April 16, 1998  [Abstract] [Bio]

Dr. János Radványi
, Chair, ISSS

Topic:  Are We Living in a Safer World?

March 25, 1998  [Abstract] [Bio]

The Honorable Mario G. Roiter
, Brazilian Consul General in Atlanta

Topic:  The New Brazilian Economy

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