Activities: 1999

November 16, 1999 [Abstract] [Bio]

Ambassador Richard W. Murphy, Senior Fellow for the Middle East, Council on Foreign Relations

Topic:  Peace Prospects in the Middle East

September 23, 1999  [Abstract] [Bio]

Dr. Michael Pillsbury, U.S. National Defense University

Topic:  Will There be War or Peace:  The China-Taiwan Situation

July 12, 1999  [Abstract] [Bio]

Curt Weldon, (R - PA), U.S. Congress

Topic:  National Security Challenges for the 21st Century

May 27, 1999  [Abstract] [Bio]

Ichiro Fujisaki, Minister for Political Affairs, Embassy of Japan, Washington, D.C.

Topic:  Vital U.S.-Japan Security Relations and Japan's View on the Far East

April 30, 1999  [Abstract] [Bio]

Volker Schlegel, Economic Minister, German Embassy, Washington, D.C.

Topic:  German-American Business Relations in the Trans-Atlantic, and the German Presidency in the European Union

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