EXECUTIVE LECTURE FORUM: Activities: 2000: Abstract: Hughes

November 30, 2000

Lt. General Patrick M. Hughes, United States Army, Retired.

In his excellent presentation, General Patrick Hughes offered a realistic assessment of our military preparedness. He told point blanc to the members of our Executive Lecture Forum that the United States presently is not capable to fight two major theater wars. There is no way, he said that we can conduct, for instance, simultaneously a war in Korea and a war in the Middle East. The moral of our military is low. The young military’s expectation for a stable life is not met. Their training is not as good as it used to be. According to the General’s opinion, our standing force can not respond to any sudden emergency. He spoke at great length about the threat from abroad. He maintained that there is no large scale threat right now. He viewed China as a potential single country that might become a threat in the future, Russia, as it stands now, is not a threat. The real threats are coming from countries supporting terrorism, he said. He concluded, by stating that the administration in Washington needs to strengthen the intelligence activity for our homeland defense.

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