EXECUTIVE LECTURE FORUM: Activities: 2000: Bio: Shlapentokh
January 13, 2000

Dr. Vladimir Shlapentokh, Professor of Sociology, Michigan State University

The Russian-born Professor Vladimir Shlapentokh is a history graduate of Kiev State University and the Economic Statistical Institute. He became a candidate of Economic Science in 1956 at the prestigious Moscow Institute of Economics and received his Doctorate of Economic Science at the Institute of World Economy and International Affairs in 1966. Professor Shlapentokh took advantage of the relaxed immigration laws in the Soviet Union under Party Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, immigrating to the United States in July, 1979. He received his American citizenship in September, 1986.

Before emigrating to the United States, Dr. Shlapentokhg was a Senior Fellow in the Seciological Institute in Moscow, and he conducted the first nationwide public opinion surveys in the Soviet Union. In the Soviet Union he published ten books and dozens of articles on various social issues and methodology of sociological issues.

After he arrived in the U.S., Dr. Shlapentokh joined the American academic community and became a professor of sociology at Michigan State University. While teaching at Michigan State, he has shared his Soviet-era experiences with his students. Dr. Shlapentokh has been widely published, including twelve books and many professional articles about the post-Soviet period.

Dr. Shlapentokh often travels to Russia and interviews government officials, business leaders and fellow academias. He is a consultant to the United States government, regularly reporting on social processes, ideology, and public opinion in Russia and other former Soviet Republics.

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