Activities: 2000

November 30, 2000 [Abstract] [Bio]

Lt. General Patrick M. Hughes, United States Army, Retired.

Topic:  Future Threat:  Trends and Conditions, 2000-2025

October 17, 2000  [Abstract] [Bio]

The Honorable Dov S. Zakheim, Corporate Vice President of System Planning Corporation, and former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense in the Pentagon.

Topic:  America's National Security:  Where Do We Go From Here

August 31, 2000  [Abstract] [Bio]

Deputy Director David B. Shear, Office of Korean Affairs, U.S. Department of State

Topic:  U.S. Policy to North Korean

June 22, 2000  [Abstract] [Bio]

General William E. Odom, Senior Fellow, Director of National Security Studies, Hudson Institute, Washington, D.C.

Topic:  Can Putin Put Things In Order?

April 6, 2000  [Abstract] [Bio]

Ambassador Géza Jeszenszky, Ambassador of Hungary to the U.S.

Topic:  Disintegration and Integration of the Former Communist Countries

March 16, 2000  [Abstract] [Bio]

Michael G. Vickers, Director of Strategic Studies, Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments

Topic:  U.S. Military Superiority in a Period of Revolutionary Change

January 13, 2000  [Abstract] [Bio]

Dr. Vladimir Shlapentokh, Professor of Sociology, Michigan State University

Topic:  Anti-Americanism in Russian Politics:  Russia Between Two Crucial Elections

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