EXECUTIVE LECTURE FORUM: Activities: 2001: Abstract: Campell
February 22, 2001
Dr. Kurt Campbell
Dr. Kurt M. Campbell
, Former Deputy Secretary of Defense for Asia and the Pacific, Senior Vice President and Director of International Security, Center for Strategic and International Studies.

On February 22, Dr. Kurt M. Campbell, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asia and the Pacific, and presently a Senior Vice President & Director of International Security of the Washington-based prestigious Center for Strategic and International Studies, offered an excellent briefing to our Executive Lecture Forum members. In an analytic way, he forecasted the foreign policy and security challenges facing the new Bush Administration. He started out by saying that, most probably, the US foreign policy focus will shift from Europe to Asia where China represents a real danger to our security. He spoke also about the Bush Administration’s plan to build a missile defense for America. He predicted that plan will create resistance at home and abroad. In addition, Dr. Campbell compared the decision making process of former President Clinton and President Bush. According to his personal experiences, Clinton was always interested in the details of a given international problem, while Bush most likely would make a quick decision and then delegate power to his Secretary of State to carry out the decisions. It was interesting to hear how he compared the Clinton and Bush National Security Council (NSC). In Clinton's time, the NSC was a large bureaucratic governing body, dealing with everyday policy problems. Now, President Bush prefers to work with a smaller NSC, which will concentrate on planning and proposing policy directives to the President. Meanwhile, President Bush has delegated the conduct of foreign policy to the State Department.

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