EXECUTIVE LECTURE FORUM: Activities: 2001: Bio: Mancera

April 26, 2001Minister Javier Mancera
Minister Javier Mancera
, Director of the Trade and NAFTA Office, Embassy of Mexico, Washington, D.C.

Minister Javier Mancera was appointed Director of the Trade and NAFTA Office at the Embassy of Mexico in Washington, D.C., in January 1999. This office, part of the Mexican Department of the Economy, is responsible for promoting bilateral trade and investment, and monitoring the implementation of the NAFTA in the United States.

Prior to his appointment to head the Trade and NAFTA Office, Minister Mancera was the liaison with the private sector and labor unions at the Department of the Economy in Mexico City. From 1994 until 1997, he served as Economic Counselor at the Trade and NAFTA Office in Washington, D.C.

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