Activities: 2002: Abstract: Evans

February 28, 2002Director John Evans

John M. Evans, Director, Office of Analysis for Russia and Eurasia, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, U.S. Department of State

Our distinguished speaker, John Evans offered an update on what is happening in Russia today. John Evans is one of the very few high ranking State Department officials who met President Putin personally when he was Deputy Mayor of St. Petersburg, and our speaker was Consul General in that City. He is following Putin’s carrier closely and was in a position to offer a unique perspective of a man who once used to be the head of the KGB successor agency, the Federal Security Service to our ELF members. In his opinion, Putin is a true Russian patriot, he is extremely popular in Russia. He won the Presidential election in his own right. He is successful in fighting the oligarches and bringing order to Russia. He openly states that: Russia needs dictatorship of law. He introduced flat tax, and last year Russia’s economic rate reached 8.3%. He subordinates Russian Foreign Policy to economic goal. For that reason he is tilting more to the West than to the East, especially after 9-11. Director Evans closed his remarked by saying that there are still some outstanding issues between the United States and Russia but the major change in the relation is that Russia is no longer an enemy.

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