Activities: 2002: Abstract: Oakley

September 26, 2002 Ambassador Robert Oakley

Ambassador Robert B. Oakley, Fellow, Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University.

Ambassador Robert B. Oakley, Director of Peacekeeping Operations at the National Defense University briefed the ELF members on "The United States Policy Toward the Middle East." As one of the leading experts on the Middle East, [He retired from the United States Foreign Service in September 1991 after 34 years, and served as the special envoy of Bush and Clinton in Somalia in 1996 and 1997] the Ambassador presented an excellent analysis of the Iraqi and the Israeli-Palestine crises. He started his lecture by offering a contemporary historical and geographical background of the Middle East. Next, he analyzed the
differences between President Clinton’s and President Bush’s Middle East Policy. He concluded with a strong warning that both the Iraqi and the Israeli-Palestine crises could lead to de-stabilization of the region if not properly handled; and in his opinion, the problems of the region should be solved only by political/diplomatic means. 

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