Activities: 2002

December 4, 2002  [Abstract] [Bio] Ambassador Faruk Logoglu

Ambassador O. Faruk Logoglu,
Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Turkey

Topic:  Key Role of Turkey in the 21st Century.

November 7, 2002  [Abstract] [Bio] Director Larry Wortzel

Dr. Larry M. Wortzel, Director, Asian Studies Center, The Heritage Foundation.

Topic:  The Leadership Change in China:  Hogtied from Behind the Screen.

September 26, 2002  [Abstract] [Bio] Ambassador Robert Oakley

Ambassador Robert B. Oakley, Fellow, Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University.

Topic:  The United States Policy Towards Middle East.

June 20, 2002  [Abstract] [Bio]

Dr. Ahmed S. Hashim, Center for Naval Warfare Studies–Strategic Research Department, U.S. Naval War College.

Topic:  The Three-Edged Sword of Damocles:  Iraq, the Indian Sub-Continent, Al-Qaeda and the Threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

April 25, 2002Dr. Charles Neimeyer  [Abstract] [Bio]

Dr. Charles P. Neimeyer, Dean of Academics, Naval War College

Topic:  The United States Role in Homeland Defense and the Terror War.

February 28, 2002Director John Evans  [Abstract] [Bio]

John M. Evans, Director, Office of Analysis for Russia and Eurasia, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, U.S. Department of State

Topic:  President Vladimir Putin's Russia.

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