EXECUTIVE LECTURE FORUM: Activities: 2004: Abstract: Almino

September 23, 2004  


Ambassador Joăo Almino
Consul General of Brazil in Miami

TOPIC:  Brazilian Foreign Policy: A Long Term View

Ambassador Joao Almino of Brazil lecture on Brazilian Foreign Policy: A Long Term View” gave to the Executive Lecture Forum members a greater understanding of his country’s foreign policy priorities.  The Ambassador outlined the highlights of Brazil’s foreign policy.  It was important for us to learn that his government works closely with Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay to create an area of economic cooperation, and the aim is to create a single economic region in South America.  Brazil is making great efforts to keep the region denuclearized.  Since his country, after Nigeria, is possibly the largest Black Country in the world, said the Ambassador, it is natural that Brazil has close ties with African countries.  In this respect, Brazil’s foreign policy aim is to fight hunger and poverty in this part of the world.  Brazil is working closely with other countries, including the United States to combat international terrorism.  “We signed agreements in the judicial field, and are sharing intelligence,” said the Ambassador, “to enhance the result of this vital fight.”  In conclusion, he expressed his hope that Brazil’s foreign policy will contribute to a new basis for a global social contract and to have a more democratized road to peace and prosperity in the world.


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