EXECUTIVE LECTURE FORUM: Activities: 2004: Abstract: Bates

February 26, 2004  

Consul General Michael Bates, OBE
Her Majesty's Consul General, Atlanta

The Executive Lecture Forum audience got an excellent and clear picture from our speaker, the veteran diplomat, British Consul General Michael Bates about the complex international situation. He started out by emphasizing that U.S. - U. K. relationship is built on strong ties. "We are like a family. We take each other for granted at times, but when the chips are down we are there for each other," he said. The Consul General emphasized that our two countries’ relationship is based on solid foundation. Just to mention a few examples, Bates told our ELF members that the U.S. is the number one foreign investor in Britain and trade flow is around 125 billion dollars each year both ways. Politically, he believes, his country can ease the tension between the U.S. and the European Union, and Great Britain can be the bridge between the two sites of the Atlantic Alliance. He spoke frankly about the war in Iraq. He stated without hesitancy that the Iraqi war was justified, the United States and Great Britain acted rightly. He emphasized that his Prime Minister, Tony Blair took a courageous decision by joining the U.S. in the liberation of Iraq. It was a real gamble, he said, but the gamble has paid off. But he warned that the United States and its allies must act with great care to establish a democratic government in Iraq. We should not impose a government. We should only assist our friends in Iraq to find the right way.


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