EXECUTIVE LECTURE FORUM: Activities: 2004: Abstract: Bugajski


July 8, 2004  

Director, East European Studies
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
Washington, D.C.

Topic:  Putin's Doctrine in the New Europe.

The veteran, East European expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, D.C., Janus Bugajski, briefed our Executive Lecture Forum members about Russian policy toward the former Soviet controlled East European bloc by clearly distinguishing four major sub-zones: the Russian-European Commonwealth, the Baltic region, Central Europe and Southeast Europe which is known also as the Balkan States. He emphasized that the Kremlin leader's, Vladimir Putin's, policy is aiming for regaining the old influence that once the Soviet regime had. According to the Putin Doctrine, said Dr. Bugajski, the Baltic states must be a vital buffer zone against Western influence. Central Europe is considered as a potential economic support zone where Russian political influence can be gained through Russian oil supplies. Putin can challenge the West in the Balkan by the traditional "Slavic brotherhood," said our speaker. Finally, the Central Asian Republics are targets for Russian military superiority, countering these the Republics' support for the American fight against terrorism in Iraq. Dr. Bugajski warned that the successors of the Soviet intelligence services, the revamped Foreign Intelligence Service (SVRR), the Federal Security Bureau (FSD), and the military intelligence (GRU) has started to reactivate their former agents in the Baltic states, East-Central Europe, and the Balkan. Dr. Bugajsky's well received lecture was indeed eye opening.

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