Activities: 2005
December 8, 2005  [Abstract] [Bio

Minister Colin Robertson
Minister (Advocacy) and Head of Washington Advocacy Secretariat
Canadian Embassy, Washington, D.C.

Topic:  Canada, Katrina and North American Security.

November 17, 2005  [Abstract] [Bio

Consul General Hans-Joerg Brunner
Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany
Atlanta, GA

Topic:  German-U.S. Political and Economic Relations in View of the Recent Changes in the Government in Germany.

July 14, 2005  [Abstract] [Bio

Ambassador Cyrille S. Oguin
Embassy of Benin
Washington, D.C. 

Topic:  The Future of Africa.

May 19, 2005  [Abstract] [Bio

Minister Junichi Ihara
Economic Minister
Embassy of Japan, Washington, D.C.

Topic:  U.S.-Japan Economic Relations and Community Building in East-Asia.

March 17, 2005  [Abstract] [Bio

Dr. David M. Lampton
Dean of Faculty
George and Sadie Hyman Professor and Director of China Studies at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Topic:  Thinking about China and What It Means for America.

January 27, 2005  [Abstract] [Bio

Assistant Secretary Thomas Fingar
Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR)
U.S. Department of State

TOPIC:  Intelligence Reform:  Why We Need It


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