October 26, 2006     [INVITATION ONLY]

Mr. Claudio Lilienfeld
Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for South Asia
Office of the U.S. Trade Representative

Topic:  US Trade Policy in South Asia and its Strategic Context.


August 10, 2006       [Abstract] [Bio

Ambassador Angelos Pangratis
Deputy Head of Delegation, European Commission to the United States, Washington, D.C.

Topic:  The Future of EU-US Political and Economic Relationship.



July 13, 2006          [Abstract] [Bio

Dr. Sung Lac Wi
Minister for Political Affairs at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea

Topic:  North Korean Nuclear Issues.


May 11, 2006          [Abstract] [Bio

Dr. Walter Andersen
Associate Director of the South Asia Studies Program; Professorial Lecturer
Johns Hopkins University

Topic:  India and the United Stated: A New Strategic Relationship.



March 8-9, 2006    [ Workshop information ]

International Cooperation in the War Against Terror in Asia-Pacific Region with a Special Emphasis on the Malacca Straits


January 12, 2006    [Presentation (pdf)] [Bio

Rear Admiral William D. Sullivan
Vice Director for Strategic Plans and Policy
The Joint Staff, Pentagon

Topic:  Military Strategy for the War on Terrorism.


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