December 4, 2008Chris Bort

Mr. Chris Bort   [Bio]
Senior Analyst
U.S. Intelligence Community

Topic:  How Sustainable is Russia's Resurgence?

October 2, 2008

Ambassador Angelos Pangratis   [Bio]
Deputy Head of Delegation, European Commission to the United States, Washington, D.C.

Topic:  The Future of EU and US Economic and Political Relations.



July 17, 2008Michael Radu

Mr. Michael Radu         [Bio]
Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI), Philadelphia, PA; and Senior Fellow and Co-Chairman, Center on Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security

Topic:  U.S.-Europe Counter Terrorism—Perceptions, Performance and Cooperation



May 15, 2008 David Sedney

Mr. David S. Sedney    [Bio]
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for East Asia and Pacific Affairs, U.S. Department of Defense

Topic:  U.S.-Chinese Military Relations and U.S. Policy in Southeast Asia


March 20, 2008 Ferenc Somogyi

Ambassador Dr. Ferenc Somogyi      [Bio]
Embassy of the Republic of Hungary
Washington, D.C.

Topic:  Hungary-United States: allies and cooperating partners


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