May 6, 2009      [INVITATION ONLY] Dr. Lutz Hermann Görgens

Dr. Lutz Hermann Görgens
Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany
Atlanta, GA

Topic:  Economic Cooperation and Trade Relations between Germany and the Southern States of the U.S., with Special Emphasis on Mississippi.

July 2007



Consul General,
Atlanta, GA (USA)

July 2006



Deputy Consul General,
Atlanta, GA (USA)

July 2004



Head of Unit, European Internal Market Affairs,
Federal Foreign Office Berlin

August 2001



Head, Economic Section,
German Embassy Ankara (Turkey)

May 1997



Deputy Consul General,
Boston, MA (USA)

Nov. 1993



Deputy Head of Unit, European Parliamentary Affairs, Federal Foreign Office Bonn

May 1990



Political Councellor and Alternate Observer to the OAS, German Embassy Washington, DC (USA)

Sept. 1989



Fellow in Foreign Service,
Georgetown University, Washington, DC (USA)

Sept. 1987



First Secretary and Head, Economic Section,
German Embassy México DF (México)

May 1985




Desk Officer for Maghreb
and Arabian Peninsula Countries,
Federal Foreign Office Bonn

June 1982



Second Secretary and Head, Economic Section,
German Embassy Tunis (Tunisia)

May 1980



Third Secretary, Press and Cultural Affairs,
German Embassy Algiers (Algeria)

April 1978



Attaché, Diplomatic School,
Federal Foreign Office Bonn

October 1976



DAAD-Lektor in German,
University of Bradford (United Kingdom)





  • Dr. Lutz Hermann Görgens received his Ph.D. degree in German Literature and History from
    University of Tübingen, Germany

  • Dr. Lutz Hermann Görgens was born in Düsseldorf, Germany.  He is married with four children


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