THE CHAIR:  Endowed Chair Activities 

The Radványi Chair in International Security Studies is housed at 55-57 Magruder Steet on the MSU campus. The Chair reports directly to the University's Vice President for Research. Chair holder Radványi's scholarly work is well defined. He is focusing on research, writing, organizing study groups, and teaching special seminars. He lectures at professional and civic organization meetings in Mississippi and nationally.

Dr. Radványi is devoting full attention to vital global problems, with special emphasis on the complex security issues of the post-communist Era. Among others he is studying NATO's eastward expansion and the admission of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and other former Warsaw Pact countries into the Alliance. He is following closely these new democracies' integration into the Western Hemisphere politico-economic environment. Dr. Radványi is keeping abreast of America's latest security strategy in the Asia-Pacific region.  He is trying to determine whether we are living in a safer world in the post Soviet era by studying U.S. counter terrorism policy and the evolving situation in Russia and East-Central Europe.  The Chair is monitoring German-European and American relations and the insight of the workings of the European Union.  

The Chair is also studying the prospect of peace in the Middle East, and the problems of the African nations.  Understandably, the Chair is following closely the challenges facing the new Bush Administration in the international arena.  It focuses on the revolutionary changes in the realm of military affairs, and the national security challenges.  It pays special attention to the information technology and network centric warfare in the 21st Century, and studies America's vulnerability by not having a reliable defense against hostile missile attacks.  The Chair is assisting the MSU Water Resource Research Institute in the Egyptian project, and African Victoria Lake clean-up program.  The Chair is involved in economic development by bringing to Jackson high level economic, and trade representatives from Germany, Japan, and Mexico.

As Chair holder, Dr. Radványi is managing the Executive Lecture Forum (ELF) based in Jackson, Mississippi. He is recruiting speakers from Washington, Tokyo, Bonn, Budapest, and other parts of the globe, as well as organizing lectures, briefings and town meetings.

Dr. Radványi is soliciting additional contributions to the Endowed Chair in order to cover operational expenses. He is also contacting new potential donors to extend the funding of the Chair.

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