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Established in 1983, the Executive Lecture Forum (ELF) at Mississippi State University provides a unique outreach program. It hosts internationally respected speakers from around the globe to address the membership. Its publications reach government agencies, think-tanks, and major libraries. The Executive Lecture Forum is managed by Dr. János Radványi. Through his wide ranging contacts, military leaders, diplomats, and government dignitaries worldwide, ELF members have developed a keener understanding of conflicts, cultures, and opportunities for peace and economic development. Beyond the educational benefits to ELF members, Dr. Radványi has spotlighted Mississippi's potentialities for trade and investment to high ranking foreign diplomats and career professionals. As a result, Western and Central European and Asian countries continue to explore the establishment of closer economic ties with our State. As ELF Chairman, Mr. Earle Jones put it, their efforts are mirrored by Mississippi's state government, agribusinesses and manufacturers. In the years since its inception, the ELF has become one of the most prestigious associations in the Southeastern United States.

This exclusive lecture forum counts as its members Mississippi business executives, academicians, and state government representatives. The Forum meets on a regular basis, several times a year. National Guard members, West Point graduates, and students and faculties from Mississippi State University and other universities in the State often are invited to attend the lectures and participate in question and answer sessions. Several ELF programs are co-sponsored by the Mississippi Department of Economic and Community Development. The Executive Lecture Forum members are invited to all Chair events and receive the publications of the Chair. The Chair Advisory Board nominates prospective members each year. Invitations are issued at the end of each fiscal year. The Chair also provides ELF members with consulting services about a given country's political and economic situation and its attitude toward the United States.

Through the generous support of the ELF members, the Chair has broadened international awareness and perspectives by bringing many internationally respected speakers to Mississippi. Among others the ELF hosted His Excellency Emmanuel de Margerie, Ambassador of France, and His Excellency Juergen Chrobog, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, His Excellency Yuri M. Shcherbak, Ambassador of Ukraine, as well as many other high-ranking diplomats, to speak to ELF members concerning their respective nation's current relationship with the United States. Major General Shlomo Gazit (Ret.), former director of Israeli Military Intelligence and currently at the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, Tel-Aviv University, briefed the ELF on Possible Solutions in Palestinian-Israeli Relations. State Department and Pentagon officials also lectured ELF members on a number of topics. Mr. Robert M. Gates, Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, spoke about The Traditional Function of Intelligence. Ambassador Robert L. Barry, Special Advisor to the Deputy Secretary of State, addressed members on Revolution in East-Central Europe and the Confederation of Independent States. The Honorable Frank G. Wisner, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, U.S. Department of Defense, briefed the ELF members on Foreign Policy and National Security After the Cold War: A Look at Today's Crises. The long list of distinguished visitors goes on. Ambassador Richard L. Armitage spoke about how we won the Cold war and why it does not feel better. Andrew Marshall, Director of NET Assessment, the Pentagon, provided a unique insight into the ongoing revolution in military affairs.  Dr. Kurt Campbell of the Pentagon offered an in-depth analysis of the challenges the U.S. faces in terms of formulating and executing policy in Asia.  Senator Thad Cochran spoke on how the U.S. Senate influences foreign policy, and Pennsylvania Congressman Curt Weldon gave a two-hour briefing on National Security Challenges for the 21st century.

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